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Season 2 of Smile Jess Action Podcast!

Omg yes?!

You read the title correctly.... SEASON 2 is coming sooner than you think!

More interviews, in-depth conversations, interactions with listeners, and much more!

But y'all have to help me out.....share it with everyone you know!

For those who are new and are checking out my blogs...I'm glad you're reading this one!!!

Smile Jess Action's brand started back in 2017, but this logo and podcast became a thing last summer. You can read more about how it started on my ABOUT page. I talk about mental health and the stigmas behind it. Episodes on my lifestyle, the good and the hard times as well. I am trying to be relatable and connect with you all like we are having a conversation.


Also if anyone would like to collaborate on a topic and join me in an episode, feel free to contact me by going to the CONTACT tab above. If you also want me to be a part of your podcast for an episode or collaborate in anyway, let me know! :)

I'm so excited for what is coming! let's continue this year strong!



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