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The Beginning of Your New Blog!

Have you ever wanted to start a blog about food, how-to-guides, or even your personal life? Same here! Find out where it all started for me and how you can start your own!

I truly believe every single person has some creativity in them. It's really about finding what enhances that passion to bring out that creative side of you. I am beginning to write my first very own blog as we speak. Blogging is something entirely new for me. I would write sci-fi, supernatural-like stories when I was younger in my diary. I never really wrote a lot about my real life. I was really into using my imagination of fairies and mighty warriors with colored, purple, blue; you name it. They would go on adventures fighting evil and also fall in love with those close to them. As you can see and probably guess, I am a Marvel, Star Wars, and Harry Potter fan. That story will be for another day. Literally my favorites!

Back to the diary, I would get into the characters when writing the story from start to finish. I wish I had those original stories to this day, but I do not. However, this got me thinking about the love I have for writing. My reason of finding that creativity for different projects. You have to start researching by listening to podcasts, watching videos, reading other blogs, and looking at your interests to see what brings that creativity to you. Begin by making a list of things you enjoy. I can help you out with that right here...

1. Interests

2. Hobbies

3. Passions

4. Goals

5. Purposes

You can make this list in whatever order you like. I just wanted to give you a bit of a place to start. Who knows you better than yourself?

What makes you YOU? Have you ever had these feelings or words you just wanted to share with people so it can help them or relate to others? Exactly...I feel like we all have. Whatever topic that may be, start a blog. Everyone is constantly Googling. Be that one blog they find and allow them to listen to you through your words.

Why live with that wonder of a "what if" I had done that? We are all going to make mistakes no matter what we we might as well live life with an oops or even an oh well like one of my favorite YouTubers, Corey La Barrie, once said, " I want my life to be full of oh wells instead of what-ifs." This quote has helped me recently in my life and especially during the pandemic. We have been limited to certain things to do for our own safety. I started my podcast, Youtube channel, and even blogging at this point because of these words. I did not and still do not know the actual outcome of these creations, but they mean the world to me, and my passion for them makes the oh well or the oops even more special. I mean, honestly might as well give it a try. I know it is super crazy to dive into something just like that.

Look, you came across my blog because you're either a homie visiting my website, I appreciate you!

Or wanting to start a blog and went to Google to see how to start; I appreciate you as well!

Regardless of why you're here, it is a sign to let your creativity flow, whether that may be in blogs or something else.

You have been working so hard and I'm just here to tell you that you are that hardworking STAR! I believe in you, so you should too!

So if you're ready with that motivation, start a website for your blogs or whatever it may be. Just create a place for your creations to shine through like you do.

For those still debating, I'll let you think about it...even sleep on it.

Well that's a bit of my daily motivation for you and myself honestly hehe

Bye! See you later :)



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